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Google Home now lets you shop with just your voice

Next time you want an emergency order of LaCroix, it is possible to simply ask a Google Home to order a situation from Target. Google announced today that Target will start encouraging its Google Express shopping agency in the contiguous US. That also means Target is going to be supported via the Google Assistant's voice ordering attribute, which is so far only dwell to the Google Home and Android TV but is coming "soon" into iOS and Android also.

Target has only been accessible through Google Express in New York City and California before today, so today's announcement marks a major expansion and helps to fulfill out Google's service in a significant way. Additionally, it follows behind Walmart, which will be available nationwide through Google Express and added voice ordering service a month.


The other matter which Target is performing, following Walmart's lead, is adding the capability to link an current Target account to Google Express. That will not be available until the next year, but when it is, customers are going to be able to more readily reorder products, since the service will understand what exactly each person prefers to buy and in what amounts.

Google Express might be far out of Google's very prosperous service, but it's an obvious and necessary one to continue expanding, particularly since the business continues to go up against Amazon. Among the core features of the Echo is its ability to quickly order and reorder products, therefore for your Google Home for an equal competitor, it needs to have the ability to offer that same ability. It's tough to overcome Amazon's tight integration, but by purchasing with well-known brick-and-mortar stores, Google might be able to win over those who have not been wooed by Amazon Prime.